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For the reasons outlined above, this belief will be treated as a single dimension, and the ASGS, Psi, Spiritualism and Precognition subscales of the PBS, the PBS items making up Lange et al.
The Number of Original CFERs Across Australia's Large Regions, and the Various Aggregations of the ASGS Statistical Areas in 2011.
Significant positive correlations were found between measures of conspiracy theory endorsement (general attitudes to conspiracy theories, CT; OE and AE), measures of paranormal belief (R-PBS, ASGS, and UL), and reality testing (IPO-RT).
Table 2 Correlations Between Scores on Questionnaires and Response Differences to Target versus Nontarget Objects as Well (is the Hit Rate ASGS ASGS QER index Participant 1 Participant 2 r (df) p r (df) p r (df) p dpHR -.
The ASGS platform is built as a smart grid-ready system offering multiples new services targeting optimized grid control and enhanced services to the end customer.
They are displayed in Table 1 in the order in which the sheep-goat items occur in the ASGS questionnaire.
ASGS scores may predict psi success (specifically hexagram hitting) because the relationship between paranormal belief and success at psi tasks is a reasonably consistent one (see Lawrence, 1993).