ASGSAssociation for Support of Graduate Students
ASGSArizona State Genealogical Society (est. 1965; Tucson, AZ)
ASGSThe American Scientific Glassblowers Society
ASGSAssociazione Sammarinese Giochi Storici (Italian: San Marino Historical Games Association; gaming community)
ASGSAssistant Secretary of the General Staff
ASGSActive Shaft Grounding System
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Surgical care is a continuously evolving healing art, and the pursuit of excellence demands that we continuously evaluate new innovations," explained Robert Sewell, MD, immediate past president of ASGS.
Significant positive correlations were found between measures of conspiracy theory endorsement (general attitudes to conspiracy theories, CT; OE and AE), measures of paranormal belief (R-PBS, ASGS, and UL), and reality testing (IPO-RT).
Table 2 Correlations Between Scores on Questionnaires and Response Differences to Target versus Nontarget Objects as Well (is the Hit Rate ASGS ASGS QER index Participant 1 Participant 2 r (df) p r (df) p r (df) p dpHR -.
Thus, beliefs in, and alleged experiences of, "ESP," were related to the Kundalini Scale, and to much the same extent as beliefs in, and alleged experiences of, "PK," a finding which is consistent with the fact that the Rasch ASGS is unidimensional--that is, a single dimension underlies both ESP and PK items.
The ASGS data are then top-down purified to eliminate age and gender bias from the scale (Lange & Thalbourne, 2002), and this procedure alters the scoring range and mean.
The 18-item ASGS, with a 5-point Likert scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree, was also completed.
The mean ASGS belief score for receivers in this sample was 44.
The sample may be thought of as somewhat sceptical (mean ASGS score = 48.