ASGTAmerican Society of Gene Therapy
ASGTAdult Sergeant (UK Air Training Corps)
ASGTAuxiliary Steam Generator
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During presentations at the ASGT meeting and at an ASCO-sanctioned symposium, Introgen and its clinical collaborators will discuss clinical trial results and findings related to a set of prognostic indicators associated with high response rates and increased survival of ADVEXIN patients with recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (SCCHN).
The data, opinions and conclusions presented in this release and in the above referenced ASGT presentation are preliminary.
We cannot predict how such authorities may interpret the information contained in this release and the referenced ASGT presentation or may respond to our regulatory submissions.
The data presented at ASGT show that we may be able to expand the use of our non-viral nucleic acid delivery system to the exciting field of siRNA.
Along with RNAi clinical updates from Sirna and Alnylam at ASGT on their lead programs, we are presenting the preclinical results from using a receptor- mediated delivery method that allows penetration of our drug into virtually 100% of hepatocytes in a mouse model with greater than 97% inhibition of HCV and no associated toxicity.
Professor Mark Kay of Stanford Medical School, Chairman of Benitec's Scientific Advisory Board, and the President of ASGT, stated, "As published in our recent Nature paper, we found effective and safe RNAi sequences that when administered at therapeutic doses were able to achieve safe, long-term down- regulation of important disease targets such as Hepatitis B.
Updated Phase 2 Tumor Response and Survival Data with ADVEXIN[R], INGN 225 and INGN 241 to Be Presented at ASCO and ASGT
The presentations at the ASGT meeting featured results relating to the use of Inovio's technology for delivering different DNA vaccines and other gene-based therapeutics designed to treat cancer, infectious diseases, and protein-deficiency diseases.
As summarized by the AGENT clinical investigators in the abstract presented at the ASGT, "the results of this meta-analysis suggest that Ad5FGF-4 may have a clinically meaningful and measurable effect on ETT and other measures of angina in women with recurrent angina, and potentially in both men and women that are older than 55 and have limited exercise capacity.
E[acute accent]Other key AAV findings reported by Targeted Genetics and its collaborators at the ASGT meeting include:
As reported this week at ASGT, we are seeing early but promising results in our Phase I/II trial of tgAAC94, our lead anti-inflammatory product candidate, administered directly to joints," said H.