ASHBAustralasian Society for Human Biology (est. 1987; School of Anatomy and Human Biology; University of Western Australia)
ASHBAssault Support Helicopter Battalion
ASHBAssociation Sportive Haute-Broye (French; sports association; Switzerland)
ASHBAssociation Sportive Harfleur-Beaulieu (French sports club)
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This makes virtually all the currently published "folio' references to Ashb. 1792 suspect and unworkable as precise locators.
In January 1961, Ashb. 1792 (1 and 2) still remained fully intact as a pseudo-codex, but image 003 of the CD/digitized 1961 microfilm of Vol.
It is at this point that Ashb. 1792 acquired its present shape: two rigid holding cases with a modernized "codex" look and feel, equipped with metal closing clasps, each containing a sequence of light paper folders (buste), and within each busta a variable number of the component letters, dismounted from their binding support and identical in appearance and handling to other fifteenth-century Florentine carteggi or to the very extensive carteggio (business and private letters) of the Tuscan merchant Francesco di Marco Datini (c.
by onl accom attract www.ikno attempt to foot to the the Where: attempt to foot to th the f Whe Ashb 2Shin Kicking: Contestants don smocks, hold their opponent by the shoulders and try to kick each other to the ground.
An authenticated copy of the Bull is in Ashb. 1792/217523.
A recapitulation of the issues laid out in Ashb. 1792/217332.
PUBLICATION RECORD: Published in full in DSCGr, 138 (Ashb. 1792 reference given as 1, fol.
Details costs, and recapitulates quality expectations, expanding on the contents of the truncated Ashb. 1792/217394.
Ashb. 1792/217428 confirms that the Portuguese physician Martim Afonso had indeed established a practice in Florence.
PUBLICATION RECORD: Published in full in DSCGr, 134-5 n153 (Ashb. 1792 reference is given as 1, fol.
PUBLICATION RECORD: DSCGr, 86-87 n75 (Ashb. 1792 reference is given as 1, fol.
Alvaro Dias, is an addendum writen on the same piece of paper as Ashb. 1792/217471.