ASHCAfrica Soil Health Consortium (est. 2010)
ASHCAssault Support Helicopter Company (US DoD)
ASHCArthritis Self-Help Course
ASHCAmerican Self Help Clearinghouse (Cedar Knolls, NJ)
ASHCAshcroft Homes Corporation (Colorado)
ASHCAll Scholarship Hall Council (University of Kansas; Lawrence, KS)
ASHCAndes Society for History and Culture (Andes, NY)
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The proposed Faith-Based Arthritis Self-Help program for older, African American individuals used the ASHC behavioral and self-efficacies education program in conjunction with the four phases of the Faith-Based Prevention Model, which provided spirituality and culturally sensitive aspects to the intervention.
Once qualified individuals were approved to be certified ASHC trainers, a training workshop was scheduled with a Certified ASHC Leader's Trainer endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation.
The ASHC primarily focuses on the enhancement of self-efficacy and uses certain strategies to ensure that.
Session I of the ASHC curriculum focused primarily on program introduction.
Since ASHC is built up only by actual experience in using AST in production, capital equipment serves as an important conduit of technology transfer from DIT centers to production centers, whether the latter are located in the same country or abroad.
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