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ASHCANArgyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada
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Elsie Heung's essay problematizes Bernstein's alliance to the vital immediacy and arguably "masculine" dynamics critically formulated in the history of the Ashcan painters.
Ashcan artist George Bellows depicts such a local Irish youth in his painting Paddy Flannigan (1908), for which Paddy, in all his disheveled glory, proudly poses (See:
Four years ago Ashcan, a young man in his early twenties, joined a spontaneous gathering of demonstrators in front of his home, believing that his voice, in unison with that thousands of others, could help Iran become a better place.
So, too, the galleries devoted to American realism and its morph into what we defiantly persist in calling "The Ashcan School." And American modernism and its competitive regionalism are also well represented, with an odd slighting of Georgia O'Keeffe, whose two paintings, although superb, do not do justice to the range of her oeuvre (here the relationship with Fiske University, when it comes into play, will help).
Perlman, Painters of the Ashcan School: The Immortal Eight (New York: Dover, 1979), 41; and Perlman, Robert Henri: His Life and Art, 25.
In a series of cinematic jump-cuts, he high jacks adjectives, which vault over their logical connections, and creates startling juxtapositions of images: "unshaven rooms," "ashcan rantings," "eyeball kicks," "sexless hydrogen" "hydrogen jukebox."
The authors compare Neufeld's art to Watson's and the work of other Canadian artists such as Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, and the urban realism of New York's Ashcan School of the early 1900s.
Aesthetically, the Photo League was to photography what the Ashcan School was to painting: Its members' subjects were the tired, the poor, the huddled masses.
(26) He considered all previous schools of thought (Peripatetic and Illuminationist philosophy, Ashcan theology, and even Twelver Shiite theology) to be incomplete and unreliable in their understanding of reality.
Evolving from this show, the group picked up another name, The Ashcan School, a reference to the dark palettes and overall somber tone of much of the presented work.
Bellows, the boxing enthusiast and Ashcan realist, repressed the urge to pound his patron and instead imbued his portrait of Maud with uncharacteristically fond overtones of privilege and refinement.The husband hangs just across the hall, staring out of portraits by Diego Rivera and Salvador Dali.
The same was also reported by Ashcan (1988) who reported that dredging removed 50% of the bottom deposits, thereby destroying the bottom founa.