ASHMIAntiasthma Herbal Medicine Intervention
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Although some relatives, and even the patient, request openly the health attention services in some mental disorder episodes in critical conditions, it was found that three cases committed suicide, without having access to the right of ASHMI, facing the respective powerlessness situation of the relatives, who were guided to resort to official police services to transport the patient to the ASHMI.
Ashmi Gurung, also a dancer and an actor, performed dressed in a traditional Nepali dress.
Mukeshchand Thakur, Sunil Pandey, Ashmi Mewada, Vaibhav Patil, Monika Khade, Ekta Goshi, and Madhuri Sharon
The formula the researchers found most effective in mice contained three Chinese herbal extracts--Ling-Zhi (Ganoderma lucidum), Ku-Shen (Sophora flavascens), and Gan-Cao (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) (also known as Reishi, Shrubby Sophora, and Chinese Licorice) and was dubbed anti-asthma herbal medicine intervention (ASHMI).
Key Findings: At four weeks, symptoms scores (median [range]) compared to baseline were reduced in patients treated with ASHMI (5.0 [4-8] to 2.0 [0-4]; p<0.001) and patients treated with prednisone (5.0 [4-7] to 2.0 [0-4]; p<0.001).
Zhuge et al., "Glycyrrhiza uralensis flavonoids present in anti-asthma formula, ASHMI, inhibit memory Th2 responses in vitro and in vivo" Phytotherapy Research, vol.
According to legend, this 'Jannati Darwaza' belongs to the saint, who had said that whoever could circumambulate the 'Darwaza' seven times, he will attain the privilege of the Hajj," said Hasshan Ashmi, convenor.
Vaishnavi Menon came third in the 11 to 16 category, Meesha Hindocha came third in the 16 to 18 category and Ashmi Hindocha came second.
SHAPING UP: Clive Skelhon (far left), of Baby Lifeline, receives a cheque from Celebrity Fit Club members (from left) Cllr John Mutton, fitness consultant Marcus McDonald, media student Ashmi Gangani, assistant manager of Chicago Rocks Alex Nedelchev, basketball coach Dip Donaldson and DJ Richard Barnes.
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