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The court also held that CCA failed to present any evidence that ASHP or ASHN had terminated any chiropractors without cause in the past seven years and thus that there was no basis for CCA to prevail on its claim that defendants' chiropractor termination practices were unfair, unlawful or fraudulent.
Although it has been a long fight, we are not surprised to see ASHP and ASHN fully vindicated in this matter.
To meet growing interest across the state, we worked with ASHN to develop our new Complementary Care Rider for companies wishing to offer their employees access to chiropractic, acupuncture or massage therapy.
ASHN provides managed care programs nationwide to health plans, insurance carriers, employer groups and trust funds.
Based in San Diego, ASHP and ASHN have over 500 employees and cover over 40 million members nationwide through various managed benefit, network access and discount programs.
The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and participating Local Plans will receive remuneration from ASHN to cover administrative costs in offering the program and for other purposes.
For services not covered under a MAMSI Health Plan, members may obtain services from an ASHN participating provider at the discounted rates.
com), or by calling ASHN toll free at 877-327-2746.
Provider Directory: online directory complementary health care providers and fitness clubs across the nation participating in the ASHN network.
Kaiser Permanente members will use the services in the arrangement with ASHN at any time, on their own, without a referral from their physician.
Together, ASHP and ASHN cover over 13 million members nationwide.