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For relative humidity show that Ashrea method gave the best way to regenerate the hourly data.
These strategies (all contained in the 2009 EU CoC &/or ASHREA TC9.9 2008 recommendations) will reduce the energy consumption in a data centre from 5% to over 35%, reflected in PUE reductions from a typical 2.0 to as little as 1.3.
ASHREA Handbook (ASHREA 2005) gives a correlation of 1702 in terms of metabolic generation as
Community Involvement: AHBA, ABC, ASHREA, Municipality of Anchorage Board of Building Regulation Examiners and Appeals, MOA bidding review board, building coda review committee.
In radiant systems, on the other hand, heating is achieved as a combination of convective and radiation heat transfer, where a radiant panel (usually a fiat surface) supplies at least 50% of the heat transferred to the surrounding via radiation (ASHREA 2007).
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