ASHSArizona School of Health Sciences (Mesa, AZ)
ASHSAmerican Society of Horticultural Science
ASHSAssessment System for Hazard Surveys (USAF)
ASHSApplecross Senior High School (Australia)
ASHSAmmunition Storage and Handling System (USAF)
ASHSAspley State High School (Brisbane, Australia)
ASHSAlbion Senior High School (Albion, Michigan)
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Later during that year, the Weapons Safety office was informed that numerous site plans had previously been created on a corrupted ASHS database.
Clients were able to avoid the high cost of owning the specialized equipment by renting it on an as-needed basis; rather than hiring staff technicians, they could use personnel provided by ASHS.
In addition, Bates is steering ASHS in a new direction toward the gamma knife, which treats certain vascular malformations and intracranial tumors without surgery.
ASHR will open to ten creations units each day, and ASHS will open to five creation units each day.
As a result: ASHR will now accept ten creations units each day and ASHS now accept five creation units each day, where each creation unit is comprised of 50,000 shares.
ASHS leases the equipment and technical staff to hospitals and doctors offices, a major savings for small medical institutions and private practitioners.
TSgt Petelo's in-depth knowledge of ASHS II enabled him to expeditiously develop and process an explosive waiver through the US Army Technical Center of Explosives Safety.
One of the first things we looked for was the ASHS II program.
Given the proper geographical information, ASHS II can assist the WSM in computing distances and exposures between all designated PESs and ESs.
There are some tasks that require time and patience before ASHS II can be implemented.
He was simply implying that ASHS II would do everything related to site planning once all the particulars of our base were entered into the database.
It's true that once the ASHS II database is correctly populated with pertinent data, it will calculate and generate site-planning products.