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ASIANAutomatic System for Inferring A Network
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Since our 2003 report on Asian elders, the size and composition of our senior population have changed dramatically,' says Jo-Ann Yoo, executive director of the Federation.
Some of the lessons included would be a challenge in classrooms with few or no Asian students, but others would be especially useful in that light and provide ideas and language for non-Asian students to address the ways in which Asian identity is constructed.
Meanwhile, experts say the boost in Asian votes over the past decade has spawned a viable constituency for such candidates as John Chiang, who is running for controller, and Betty Yee and Assemblywoman Judy Chu, D-Monterey Park, running for the State Board of Equalization.
Traditional Asian cooking is really a completely different approach to eating.
Among the many cultural groups, Asian Americans are the second fastest growing ethnic minority group in the United States (U.
The analyses, based on data from the Detail Natality Set, included more than two million singleton births to women aged 20 and older, of whom 68% were white, 15% black, 3% Asian and 14% Hispanic.
Today, most dance artists of Asian descent don't experience the same level of discrimination, but they do face obstacles working in this country.
interests will be an Asian trading bloc built around China, which limits U.
When Wong first saw that April 2004 feature he was offended but not surprised by the sarcastically captioned photograph of a young, spiky-haired Asian man dressed in metallic shoes and a V-neck T-shirt Portrayals of Asian men as sexually ambiguous or purely feminine are still quite common, he says: "This is an issue that the gay Asian community has faced time and time again.
Doan La's Dragon of Love brought down the house with its portrait of an Asian tomcat who falls for a black woman and gets more than he bargained for.
It helps that Chile was the first country in the hemisphere to sign a free trade agreement with an Asian country, South Korea, a deal it ratified in April of last year.
However, statistics show the largest number of Asian Christians are Catholic, with about 130 million members.
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