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ASIDEAssistance to States for Developing Export Infrastructure and Allied Activities (India)
ASIDEApplication-Specific Interactive Develop Environment
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Rs 25 billion set aside for Gas Infrastructure Development Cess.
The bank could set aside more than GBP600m for the purpose.
Iago: Embodiment of a Traditional Shakespearean Aside
Those aged between 25 and 34 are the least prepared for a financial emergency, 41% have less than pounds 249 in savings, with a quarter say they have nothing set aside at all.
The regulation defines the set-aside amount as the total amount set aside for benefit payments from both member contributions and investment income.
Andrew Richards, senior Midlands policy adviser for the NFU, said: "There is no rationale for set aside to be kept in place since the changes in 2005.
The supervisors had set aside the $2 million for LAHSA to help it avoid recurring fiscal problems.
This artist set aside certain times and days when she did nothing but develop new ideas for her studio work.
The whole form of "An Aside," meanwhile, might call to mind Girl Stowaway, 1994, an installation including film, objects, and images Dean accumulated through intention and coincidence.
Some of the standouts aside from the top 10 who didn't make the cut but ripped were Josh Perkins, Ernie Torres, Jose Rojo, Abdias Rivera, and Emmanuel Guzman.
If there is an apparent shortfall in the ability of a resident to pay for future care, the community needs to set aside amounts equal to that "subsidy" so that the money will be there when it is needed.
If a job is set aside for guys named Jimmy, my name is Jimmy, I'll take it