ASIDICAssociation of Information Dissemination Centers
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Since its founding in 1968 ASIDIC has been true to its mission and has served its members well," according to Tim Ingoldsby, ASIDIC president.
The agreement will provide ASIDIC members in good standing with all NFAIS member benefits through June 30, 2011, according to Bonnie Lawlor, NFAIS executive director.
Founded in 1968 and originally known as the Association of Scientific Information Dissemination Centers, ASIDIC first consisted of research organizations that "spun tapes" (i.
As with EUSIDIC (which once also had "information dissemination centers" in its name), ASIDIC evolved and grew into an association for publishers, information service providers, and information professionals.
The conference presentations, including the popular CEO panel session, are now available on the ASIDIC website (www.
ASIDIC also revised its constitution, adding provisions that give the organization more flexibility in scheduling meetings to help control costs in these difficult economic times.
Many of the ASIDIC presentations are available at www.
But at the spring ASIDIC meeting in Las Vegas, I heard at least one speaker assert something quite different.
So I find it intriguing that at ASIDIC, I actually heard someone say that when it comes to video, homemade is cool, but brand is back.
Public CIO Summit, the ICIC 2006 Conference, the Life Sciences Conference, and ASIDIC.
The ASIDIC Spring Meeting is billed as an "opportunity to be part of an intimate gathering of thought leaders from across the information industry.