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ASIOAustralian Security Intelligence Organization
ASIOAudio Stream Input Output (Steinberg soundcard driver)
ASIOArctic Sea Ice Oscillation
ASIOAir Space and Information Operations
ASIOAngelico Sacro Imperiale Ordine Di S. Giorgio (codices and manuscripts)
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Through this MoU, we are looking forward to offering more facilities to help investors start up their businesses and projects rapidly from ASIO.
During a short posting in Wewak, Cooper was interviewed by the Regional Director of ASIO at the instruction of the Director-General (47) to determine whether he was a communist, (48) his attitude towards Australia's administration in Papua New Guinea, (49) and to neutralise his 'considerable exploitable value to a hostile intelligence service'.
2007: The importance of the long-eared owl Asio otus otus (L.
ASIO came to know Monis well as he frequently contacted it in what amounted to "little more than nuisance calls.
48) The federal government has granted $630 million in extra funding, over four years, to organizations such as the Australian Federal Police, ASIO, and the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) to tackle the foreign fighter threat.
In contrast, the archival footage is illuminating--the mundane surveillance footage captured by ASIO cameras becomes perversely fascinating as it doggedly records the comings and goings of CPA members while ASIO staff voiceovers describe what is happening.
The ASIO Amendment Act is one of the most controversial pieces of legislation ever passed by the Commonwealth Parliament.
We have a strong feeling of indirect discrimination and unfair treatment in processing our cases while both DIAC and ASIO uphold proper schedules which complete every process of asylum claim within 90 days with respect and dignity for the vast priority groups.
Any documentary dealing with Spry and ASIO during the Cold War would be controversial.
Special Animal Abstract for Asio otus (Long-eared owl).
Sut mae'r 'Fi' ieuanc a chanol oed yn asio hefo'r 'Fi' hen.
Terrorism & intelligence in Australia; a history of ASIO and national surveillance.