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ASIOAustralian Security Intelligence Organization
ASIOAudio Stream Input Output (Steinberg soundcard driver)
ASIOArctic Sea Ice Oscillation
ASIOAir Space and Information Operations
ASIOAngelico Sacro Imperiale Ordine Di S. Giorgio (codices and manuscripts)
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After the defection on 3 April 1954 in Australia of the Soviet diplomat-spy Vladimir Petrov, Evatt continuously claimed for the following two years that ASIO had not briefed him on the security risk of his key staffers.
Using an ASIO driver in a test & measurement situation ensures that it is the performance of the device under test being measured, not the unknown effects of the Windows operating system interfering with the measurements.
After he moved to Canberra in 1949, the ASIO regional office in Canberra tracked Clark for decades, primarily through routine surveillance of his contacts with the Soviet Embassy and Soviet intelligence officers.
In a similar vein, the secrecy provisions will also prevent any independent monitoring of ASIO detention as well as questioning by human rights and civil liberties organisations.
Last week's raids were part of an ASIO investigation into whether the Southeast Asian Islamic militant group Jemaah Islamiyah has an Australian presence.
At the age of 20, he was arrested and charged for making a jihad-style video after ASIO refused him a passport.
ASIO is not required to disclose the reasoning behind its
Yn Neganwy mi gefais weld darn o gorn carw'r mynydd (oedd wedi cael ei gasglu oddi ar Fynydd Tal y fan, Conwy ym mhedwardegau'r ganrif ddiwethaf), clywed am y ffordd roedd y cyfardwf neu'r cwmffri wedi bod o les wrth asio asgwrn a hefyd deall am y defnydd wneid o'r camri (Chamaemelum nobile, y 'chamomile' yn Saesneg) i olchi'r gwallt er mwyn cadw lliw naturiol y gwallt.
Key New Features: -- RiffCaster instant podcasting -- RiffLink online collaboration -- IK Multimedia AmpliTube(R) LE -- WinXP with ASIO -- MacOS with CoreAudio
The ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization) Amendment (Terrorism) Bill, for instance, would enable the detention of anyone who might know something about terrorism and for ASIO to interrogate not just suspected terrorists, but possible witnesses who might be able to provide information about terrorists.
ASIO said the state is now one of the most deadly and active terrorist organisations in the world.