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ASIOAudio Stream Input Output
ASIOAustralian Security Intelligence Organization
ASIOAudio Stream Input Output (Steinberg soundcard driver)
ASIOArctic Sea Ice Oscillation
ASIOAir Space and Information Operations
ASIOAngelico Sacro Imperiale Ordine Di S. Giorgio (codices and manuscripts)
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Long-eared Owls (Asio otus) in Illinois are variously described as an uncommon migrant and occasional winter resident (Bohlen, 1989; DeVore et al., 2004; INHS, 2009).
Government surveillance predated the formation of ASIO in 1949.
ASIO has an important role to get accurate facts to advise the
In his introduction describing the establishment of ASIO in 1949, Hope set out the original reasons for setting up the organisation, citing the words of Prime Minister Ben Chifley who said, "A great increase in Australian security tasks and responsibilities has made it necessary to re-establish a separate security service." In his speech to parliament at the time, Chifley announced that Justice Geoffrey Reed of South Australia would be the body's first Director-General.
No sooner had ASIO's powers been expanded than the government introduced further amendments, this time seeking stringent secrecy provisions in relation to public disclosure of its activities, together with expanded detention and interrogation powers.
ASIO's primary function, which has remained largely unchanged since its inception in 1949, remains "to obtain, correlate, and evaluate intelligence relevant to security."(5) Several Australian reports have recognized the political dangers inherent in allowing this function to become too closely aligned with that of law enforcement.
It says Asio is not currently aware of specific threats to Jewish interests in Australia, although it says Israeli and Jewish interests remain "an enduring target of extremists globally".
He only discovered in 2002, in the process of launching legal action against ASIO, that the airport officers in 1995 had also taken an exercise book from his bag and copied about half of its 150 pages.
The dispute about banning the burqa started as far back as 2011-Fairfax Media obtained a classified analytical report from ASIO dated Feb.
He said the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) believed the number of citizens posing a potential security threat had increased substantially as a result.
London, May 29 ( ANI ): China has refused to acknowledge allegations made by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) regarding cyber attacks carried out by its hackers in acquiring blueprints of its new headquarters.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) was accused of harassing left-wing activists under the pretext of national security concerns.