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ASIPAmerican Society for Investigative Pathology
ASIPApplication Specific Instruction Set Processor
ASIPAsociación Internacional de Presupuesto Público (Spanish: Public Budget International Association; Argentina)
ASIPAircraft Structural Integrity Program
ASIPAirborne Signals Intelligence Payload
ASIPAdvanced System Improvement Program
ASIPArrow System Improvement Program (US DoD)
ASIPAmerican Society for Industrial Security
ASIPAmerican Society of Illustrators Partnership
ASIPAction-Specific Implementation Plan
ASIPAirframe Structural Integrity Program
ASIPAssociate of the UK Society of Investment Professionals (now CFA Society of the UK)
ASIPArizona School Improvement Plan
ASIPArmy Stationing & Installation Plan
ASIPAgouti Signaling Peptide (gene)
ASIPAdvanced Signals Intelligence Program (intelligence collection)
ASIPAlgorithm-Specific Instruction Set Processor
ASIPAll-Source Imagery Processing System (USMC)
ASIPAdvanced System Improvement Plan
ASIPAdvanced SINCGARS Improvement Program
ASIPAlliance Supplier Improvement Program (Nissan and Renault)
ASIPAntarctic Site Inventory Project
ASIPAppleshare Internet Protocol (Apple Computers Server software)
ASIPAir-Sea Interaction Profiler
ASIPApplication Specific Integrated Photonics (est. 2000)
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ASIP Designer's "compiler-in-the-loop" technology enabled use of application code to optimize the processor architecture for performance, power and area
25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Mobile World Congress, imec and Target Compiler Technologies announced that they extend their strategic collaboration on ASIP (application-specific instruction-set processor) designs in the field of mobile communication.
Hsieh noted that most of the ASIP member firms believe the worst is over but clear economic recovery is uncertain, saying that the high-tech industry is a locomotive for economic development, so enhancing the industry's competitiveness by allowing China-bound investment would drive such development.
So, right now, get your supply people to order straps and covers for the ASIP.
As presently implemented, there are several parts to the management system (ASCA, 2005) that supports the ongoing implementation of the ASIP program.
DesignCon attendees will be able to learn more about Intelli[TM], Virage Logic's silicon-proven ASIP product line, which includes:
Our advanced ASIP products help to meet these requirements, and we are excited to help lead the way in enabling expansion of the Smart Home market.
Roth has chosen ASIP Past President and fellow AJP Associate Editor Martha Furie, Ph.
ASIP is a next-generation signals intelligence sensor being developed for U.
Synopsys' ASIP Designer automates the design of application-specific instruction-set processors and programmable accelerators
Three interface adapters let the BA-8180/U power non-ASIP AN/PRC-119, J6634/U, NSN 5940-01-504-5597; ASIP AN/PRC-119F, J-6633/U, NSN 5940-01504-3218; and BA-5590 eliminator, J- 6632/U, NSN 5940-01-504-3217.