ASIRTAlberta Serious Incident Response Team (Canada)
ASIRTAssociation for Safe International Road Travel
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While Alexis would prefer to see such incidents dealt with by a First Nations tribunal, ASIRT is presently the organization that renders the rulings.
It's important that ASIRT is absolutely neutral, (that it) ensure that the evidence presented and gathered shows impartiality.
Susan Hughson, executive director of ASIRT, understands the importance of transparency.
The ASIRT investigation determined that Charland continued to hold that point of view even on the morning of the shooting, as he told a witness "that something was going to happen that day and that he wasn't sure when but he was going to 'die today.
The ASIRT investigation determined that when Charland was confronted on Aug.
But an ongoing investigation into a BTPS member caused ASIRT to distance itself from the First Nation's police force.
not happy with the results" of the investigation, Hughson says she heard from Cutarm's sisters that they felt respected in the way ASIRT treated the family in presenting the findings.
20, after ASIRT executive director Susan Hughson met with the Cutarm family.
The meeting between Hughson and the Cutarm family, facilitated by a recently-hired Aboriginal investigator for ASIRT, included three Elders, a ceremonial blanket and opening and closing prayers by the Elders.
He also points out that at times, Kyle Melting Tallow, with the Blood Tribe police, has been involved in ASIRT investigations.
The first of three decisions from ASIRT involving police officer shootings of Indigenous men has cleared the two Grande Cache RCMP officers who shot Curtis Hallock in the arm and leg.
This also pertains to a third investigation ASIRT has underway dealing with another Aboriginal man who was shot.