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ASISTAmerican Society for Information Science and Technology
ASISTApplied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
ASISTAmerican Society for Information Science & Technology
ASISTAdult Students in Scholastic Transition
ASISTAdvisory Support, Information Services and Training (International Labour Organization)
ASISTAtenolol Silent Ischemia Study
ASISTAdvocacy Services in Staffordshire (UK)
ASISTAviation Safety Investment Strategy Team (NASA)
ASISTAbra State Institute of Sciences and Technology (Philippines)
ASISTAtenolol Silent Ischemia Trial
ASISTA Structured Addictions Assessment Interview for Selecting Treatment
ASISTAustralian Security International Systems Training
ASISTAlumni Seeking Iowa Students
ASISTAir Sea Interaction Saltwater Tank (University of Miami)
ASISTAircraft/Ship Integrated Secure and Traverse System
ASISTApplication Software Integration Support Tools (Cisco)
ASISTAcute Stroke Imaging Standardization Group (Japan)
ASISTAnti Social Investigation and Support Team (UK)
ASISTAdvanced Scientific Instruments Symbolic Translator
ASISTAdvanced System for Integration and Spacecraft Testing
ASISTAdvanced Spacecraft Integration and Systems Test
ASISTAdvanced Security and Identification Technology
ASISTAlternative Support for Induction Science Teachers
ASISTAnalysis and Support Initiative for Structural Technology
ASISTAutomated Screening Interview Selection Technique
ASISTAdvanced Spacecraft Interface for System Test (NASA)
ASISTAmerican Samoa Invasive Species Team
ASISTAutomotive Service Information Support Terminal (Nissan)
ASISTActively Seeking Independence Support Team (UK)
ASISTAdolescent Support Interagency Service Team
ASISTArmy Safety Information Services and Technology
ASISTAutomated Stand-Alone Intelligence Support Terminal
ASISTAdvanced Supervision Intervention and Support Team (State of Connecticut)
ASISTAutomated Status Information System
ASISTArmy Suicide Intervention Skills Training
ASISTAirport Security Incident Support Team (Australia)
ASISTAcquiring Suicide Intervention Skills Training
ASISTArmy Space Initiative Study
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ASIST is a two-day intensive, interactive and practice-dominated course designed to help caregivers recognize risk and learn how to intervene to prevent the immediate risk of suicide.
The continuation of the ASIST training is dependent on a renewal in funding, but the program has had a large impact throughout the province.
Clarke reports that initial feedback is promising, with dramatic increases in the confidence of staff, subsequent to ASIST training, in their abilities to "engage and assist those with suicidal desire or intent.
In addition to upgrading and rolling out ASIST in other lines of business, Ruffalo expects to focus on three areas within the next 18 months: increase the company's online portal pipeline; create tools to improve precision pricing; and develop systems that are available 24/7.
The five-day ASIST workshop is a "train the trainers" course that will certify key Army personnel to conduct the two-day ASIST course throughout the Army.
Hefner added the ASIST program is a great addition to the military's annual training and will provide a new set of prevention tools to service members.
She is an active member of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIST), served as the association's president from 1998-1999, and is the recipient of a number of ASIST awards, including Outstanding Information Science Teacher.
Mind Cymru is leading the way in combating suicide with the ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) programme.
8) Fisher, K, Joan C, Unruh, K Information communities: characteristics gleaned from studies of three online networks Proceedings of the ASIST annual meeting 40 2003 pp298-305
Mind Cymru is trying to reduce the suicide figures with the ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) programme, which has been running as a pilot project in Wales for just over a year.
These teachers were selected because we had extensive sets of data depicting their experiences in the ASIST program.
27--Executive Women International ASIST Scholarship Banquet