ASITAAssociation of Indonesian Travel Agents
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Here was the devout Asita, the pendant of Simeon in the Christian story, holding the Holy Child on his knee while mother and father listened; and here were incidents in the legend of the cousin Devadatta.
Chairman of the Indonesian Travel and Tour Companies Association (ASITA) Asnawi Bahar, however, said there had been no indication of a rise in the number of tourists from Singapore, or cancellations of visits by Indonesians to Singapore.
Insurance Raya signed cooperation with the Association of Flight Tickets Sales Agents (Astindo) and the Association of the Indonesia Tours & Travel Agencies (Asita) Jakarta in providing guarantee of implementation (performance bondj to ticket sales agents.
Bali was rapidly becoming popular as a spiritual tourism destination, as evidenced by itinerary requests to travel agents from groups of foreign tourists, said Bagus Sudibya, deputy chairman of the Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies in Bali (ASITA Bali).
Asita has over 30 years of University teaching and research experience, which began in 1980 at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
The king felt alarmed as he had already been warned by the great Rishi Asita about Siddharata's becoming a Universal Monarch or a Buddha.
Again the documents reveal that while Agus Jaya was the owner, it was his wife who was the business manager (Asita Bali archives).
Asita is convinced of his greatness at birth due to the marks on his body, which leads directly to the cloistered (albeit splendid) upbringing that was eventually imposed on him.
Chairperson of the Association of Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA) Herna Danuningrat said, "We have come to invite Qatari people and our friends to our beautiful Indonesia and especially Jakarta, the capital.
The times of sunset and sunrise had two names each: OJ yupu and yupubye (< yupu + pye 'side') for evening, asa and asita for morning.