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ASIUSAstra Service Information Update System
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They that dwelt about Percote and Practius, with Sestos, Abydos, and Arisbe--these were led by Asius, son of Hyrtacus, a brave commander--Asius, the son of Hyrtacus, whom his powerful dark bay steeds, of the breed that comes from the river Selleis, had brought from Arisbe.
Catherine Young, CEO of Empire Ears says, "The forged alliance between Empire Ears and Asius is an opportunity for two world-class technology companies to revolutionize the in-ear monitor industry and define the future.
Together with Empire, audiophiles and performing artists will continue to benefit from authentic ADEL technology that began when the Asius founder, Stephen Ambrose invented the IEM decades ago.
Ambrose said, "Without Autodesk's fabulous Fusion software, all of Asius Technologies' innovations which have facilitated ADEL[TM] hearing advancements to help everything from Beyonce's recent Super Bowl and Grammy performances to restoring AC/DC's singer Brian Johnson's hearing and ultimate return to the stage never would have been possible.
com)-- Asius Technologies listened in on Apple's announcement on September 7th regarding its AirPods and new iPhone 7, which have caused much discussion because the smartphone will have no jack for audio output, forcing users to abandon their existing wired earbuds unless they use a prescribed adapter.