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Uses can simply ask a question at the AskIT website, , and the query will be routed
There were three posttest-only measures: ASKIT Reading Accuracy, ASKIT Comprehension, and Science Knowledge (see Table 3).
Dust-caked Elif Askit was reunited with her distraught mum Meral in the flattened town of Korfez.
They were, a packet of Askit and a pint of semi-skilled milk.
But a lasting demand for headache powder Askit has seen it sell for more than 100 times that on eBay.
CAN anyone tell me why I have not been able to buy Askit powders anywhere for months?
And the next time you take an Askit for a headache, thank your countrymen and women who pioneered some of Britain's biggest brands.
My mate Bill prefers the old-fashioned approach - he recommends a mug of cocoa, two Askit Powders and some right good sex.
Over-Count, set up by David Grieve, say they have 12,000 clients hooked on household names such as Solpadeine, Nurofen, Askit and Sudafed.
Dr Gareth Smith says: "Askit used to be a real Glasgow trend.