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ASKSAMAccess Stored Knowledge via Symbolic Access Method
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Better yet, the askSAM website features a good collection of database templates, pre-designed databases that can be deployed immediately using the latest version of askSAM.
Version 5 of the Web Publisher is fully compatible with askSam 5 and comes with these new features:
For example, asksam can import information from email discussion lists and email newsletters into searchable databases,and can also import information sent and received by multiple individuals.
askSam 5 can also import Adobe Acrobat files so you can utilize all of askSam's searching capabilities across any number of Acrobat documents.
Folio Views and askSam let you insert fields whenever and wherever you want in any given record, while InfoTree32 XT requires that you use a standard field set (of your own design) throughout the whole database.
One of the best tools is the asksam freeform text database.
Finally, askSam System's askSam Web Publisher helps users place full-text searchable databases online.
We then used a text-oriented database software package (AskSam) to sort coded segments for review, allowing researchers to examine all statements on a given topic (i.e., physician choice) and to compare statements according to participant characteristics (i.e., presence or absence of chronic condition in household).
Louis artists index, both in askSam databases, are examples of such staff-developed electronic products.
To test Win95, we loaded the following applications on our IBM ThinkPad (a 75-megahertz 486 with 16 megabytes of RAM), and ran them simultaneously: the new beta version of Win95's Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Schedule+, the old version of Access 2.0 (a Microsoft database), XyWrite 4.12 for Windows (a word processor), askSam 2.0 for Windows (a database), OnTim (a calendar program), WinFile (the new name for the old File Manager), Explorer (a file-launching function), the Win95 calculator, the Control Panel (for customizing the computer screen, mouse, calendar, modem and password, for example), the Win95 talking alarm clock, Briefcase (a program for synchronizing files between multiple computers), CompuServe and, for the fun of it, Solitaire.