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ASKSAMAccess Stored Knowledge via Symbolic Access Method
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There are tools, however, that provide an environment for organizing and using information like the KnowledgeWorkshop and askSam.
If you can benefit from a database program, and you want something that is easy but effective, askSAM is worthy of your consideration.
The Web Publisher is currently available directly from askSam Systems and authorized resellers, and runs on all CGI compliant Windows Web servers.
For example, asksam can import information from email discussion lists and email newsletters into searchable databases,and can also import information sent and received by multiple individuals.
askSam 5 can also import Adobe Acrobat files so you can utilize all of askSam's searching capabilities across any number of Acrobat documents.
Folio Views and askSam let you insert fields whenever and wherever you want in any given record, while InfoTree32 XT requires that you use a standard field set (of your own design) throughout the whole database.
One of the best tools is the asksam freeform text database.
Web Publisher (W95,Wnt) askSam Systems (800) 800-1997
The project began using the software called, appropriately, ASKSAM.
Available structured DBM software include Reflex (Brent, Scott, & Spencer, 1987), Notebook II (Pfaffenberger, 1988), and DBase IV, while unstructured DBM software include askSam and FYI 3000 Plus (Tesch, 1990).
For ABA's center, the key to fielding 1,000-1,500 incoming calls each week is AskSam software, produced by Seaside Software, Perry, Florida.
If the data you enter consist primarily of text in poorly defined categories, and your predominant ambition is to store random pieces of information and retrieve them using any item as a keyword, look into the text-oriented databases, such as askSam (askSam Systems, Washington Perry, Fla.