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References in classic literature ?
through them I mean to pass, That be assur'd, without leave askt of thee: Retire, or taste thy folly, and learn by proof, Hell-born, not to contend with Spirits of Heav'n.
In the Notre Dame talk, he mentions a line by the poet Robert Duncan that "love is an answer to a question that has not been askt." (20) In another essay he wrote about contemporary theories of poetry, he calls Charles Bernstein "well-informed, jargony, willful, and impossibly self-important." He also says that Bernstein is prodigious with the moondust ("The Swarming").
Preoccupied with his many faults, the penitent "still askt pardon, and was not deni'd" (line 21), for his sins, as it turns out, are by another paid, I Who took the debt upon him" (60-61).
So Garnet said, at first he came into this Secret, it was delivered to him by Catesby under the Seal of Confession: and being askt, why he had not discovered it then, for the preservation of the King and Kingdom?
And onelie came with Linckes and lightes to see safe Lodgd these worthy wightes of whom some were attir'd like sprightes and divels A sort of Prentices they were that plaid and askt no leave I heere for which the shriff made them beare their evells When he had safelie lodg'd them there forth of the gates he did repaire While all the Combattants for feare stood quakinge(4)
Later, in Connecticut, Knight rather viciously attacks the way "country fellow[s]" stand silently when they enter shops: "They Generaly stand after they come in a great while speechless, and sometimes dont say a word till they are askt what they want" (44).