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ASLAVAustralian Standard Light Armored Vehicle
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Caption: The Australian Army is upgrading its ASLAV Type-I/II/III vehicles with a particular emphasis on improving survivability [C] Australian Department of Defence
(ten Protector units have been bought by Australia for its Aslav APCs and by Finland for its Patria AMVs, although without this TI module.) The Stryker TIM shares the same core with the Heavy TWS.
In 2004 the Australian Department of Defence contracted GDLS-Australia to upgrade its existing fleet of 113 Australian Light Armoured Vehicles (Aslav), delivered between 1995 and 1997, to match the capabilities of the 144 new Aslavs now being delivered.
The 150 Australian Light Armoured Vehicles (Aslav) are being supplied as part of Project Land 112 Phase 3 and will include 81 conventional vehicles (Aslav-25) which are believed to be battlegroup vehicles and 15 surveillance variants (Aslav-S) which are believed to be brigade vehicles.
KVH has received a $ 3.2 million contract order to supply its Tacnav tactical navigation system to General Motors Defense for use aboard the Australian Army's Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) fleet.