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ASLAVAustralian Standard Light Armored Vehicle
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Caption: The Australian Army is upgrading its ASLAV Type-I/II/III vehicles with a particular emphasis on improving survivability [C] Australian Department of Defence
LAND 400 delivers part of that capability and is replacing some of the capability we already have ASLAV and M113AS4 in accordance with good military practice.
The workshops are the sole site for the rebuilding and upgrading of Leopard MBTs; APCs; and ASLAVs.
TACNAV will be incorporated into existing Australian Army ASLAVs as well as be built into new production vehicles.
In 2004 the Australian Department of Defence contracted GDLS-Australia to upgrade its existing fleet of 113 Australian Light Armoured Vehicles (Aslav), delivered between 1995 and 1997, to match the capabilities of the 144 new Aslavs now being delivered.