ASLBAtomic Safety and Licensing Board
ASLBAccelerated Server Load Balancing
ASLBAge, Sex, Location, Bacon Pics
ASLBArithmetic Shift Left B
ASLBAmphetamine-Stimulated Locomotor Behavior (pharmacology)
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Initially, the company refused to release its own electronic records of borehole tests before being ordered by the ASLB to release the data to the defendants (these data were not made public).
As this and other testimony attests, the heterogeneous public gathered largely in opposition to the Dewey-Burdock project had knowledge about many of the geologic features of the region and thus contested the expertise of Powertech-Azarga and the ASLB. Several individuals attested to the presence of artesian springs and breccia pipes on their property (outside the project area).
(117) To the DOE's claim that its policy judgment ought not be trumped by the NRC, the ASLB responded that the pertinent policy was the one in the NWPA itself.
Likewise, the ASLB appropriately recognized that Congress had left no room for the DOE to rely on raw politics.
The ASLB is the independent body within the NRC that presides over hearings in which the public can challenge NRC proposed licensing and enforcement actions.
The ASLB is the independent body within the Nuclear Regulatory Commission which rules on legal challenges to proposed licensing actions.
Progress Energy Florida and the NRC staff deny the allegations, the ASLB noted.
"The ASLB recognizes that these studies are crucial to the environmental analysis for Diablo Canyon," said Mothers for Peace spokeswoman Jane Swanson.
Before the ASLB's order, the NRC had planned to hold hearings on Diablo's license renewal application before seismic studies were done.
In addition, the ASLB will accept "limited appearance" written statements from the public on the hearing.
The ASLB will hear oral arguments on several points, including whether the groups satisfy requirements for participating as "interveners."
The ASLB agreed to hold a hearing at the request of three public interest groups--the Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Coalition, the South Texas Association for Responsible Energy and Public Citizen.