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Age at onset was considered ASLE if it was <50 years and LSLE if it was [greater than or equal to] 50 years, as this is the most commonly used cut-off age in most protocols [14-17].
Munnaza told in the launching event that ASLE seeks to inspire and promote intellectual work in the environmental humanities and arts and now same will be pursued in its Pakistan chapter.
According to the previous studies, cSLE presents vary in disease profile.[sup][3],[4],[5],[6],[7] The cSLE patients have more frequent involvement in renal, hematological system and central nervous system, as well as less pulmonary involvement and arthritis, compared with adult-onset SLE (aSLE) patients.[sup][2],[8],[9] With different evaluation method, the comparison of disease activity between early- and late-onset SLE is not certain.[sup][10],[11] However, cSLE patients are more likely to receive intensive drug therapies and have a two-fold higher mortality rate.[sup][10],[11],[12]
Vance, "Force coefficients for open-ended squeeze-film dampers executing small-amplitude motions about an off-center equilibrium position," ASLE Transactions, vol.
The second phase 2004-2009, or the regolith of Indian ecocriticism, the propagatory period of ecocriticism led to the formation of well-organized groups named OSLE: Organization for Studies in Literature and Environment India in Chennai and its counterpart, ASLE India in Puducherry (now the new name for Pondicherry).
While a Special Issue such as this one, and the several panels on activism at the 2013 ASLE meeting in Kansas, each in their own ways suggest that we are ready to discuss the frustratingly elusive topic of what activism means or can mean, it was not so long ago when people who insisted on the importance of recognizing the activist roots of ecocriticism were accused of "hectoring" (a word used by Greg Garrard just a few years ago).
Headlining the event is Danish DJ Asle, who is the maker of the hit Golden Sun.
The team's sports director Kurt Asle Arvesen hopes having two contenders for overall victory in Thomas and Porte could result in a winning coup.
The paper entitled "On Motivating Operations at the Point of Online Purchase Setting," by Asle Fagerstrom and Erik Arntzen, provides an overview of this work on the impact on motivating operations at the point of online purchase situation.
For example, Outka whose monograph won ASLE's book prize in 2009--takes issue with Myers, arguing that his predecessor's view of ecocentricity as antidote to racism is ahistorical and that his elision of marked differences in African American and Euroamerican relationships to nature is nave.
Explains Asle Venas, DNV's Global Pipeline Director, "By using an inverted High Pressure Protection System--i-HIPPS--and inverted Double Block and Bleed valves--i-DBB--the system immediately and effectively isolates the deepwater pipe if the (internal) pressure starts to fall.