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He deceives Asli and Karam with lies and deception and in the veil of religion.
Mother of Asli does not emerge in the story more than once or twice.
He believes that all of the characters in this story are mythological characters such as Ziyad Khan, Goddess of light, Qarakshysh, the goddess of darkness, Asli, the symbol of moon, and Karam, the symbol of sun [12].
The similarities between the story of Asli and Karam and the story of Leili and Majnun:
The story of Asli and Karam has many similarities with the story of Leili and Majnun.
The father of Asli complained him to the judge and the judge ordered him to jail.
In the story of Asli and Karam, Karam gets ill because of love and no doctor cantreat him.
* The inevitableness of fate from the perspective of Leili and Asli
* Impatience, restlessness, and self-sacrifice of Leili and Asli
Because of intense passion and devotion to the lover, Asli ignored everything such as religion, youth, parents, and even her life.
Also in the story of Asli and Karam, when the king of Aleppo hears the love story of Karam tries to bring together these two lovers [4].
With heart-rending cries and moans, Asli was gathering the gray with her hair.