ASLPCAssociated Students of Las Positas College (California)
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The target group of the project are ASLPC the Municipal Office.
The project will help to ensure standardization ASLPC at the Municipal Office Brod.
City Brod wanted by the project personnel to strengthen the field of social-legal protection of children, to ensure the continuing professional development of employees ASLPC, materially and technically equip new employees to create a 14th methodologies to quality standards of social and legal protection + set system - the methodology of professional cooperation with other organizations under the care of the child and to improve conditions for working with clients ASLPC.
Project Description : In conjunction with nalpnovEinE[degrees]m main objectives of the project are the activities and outputs of improving quality ASLPC in the administrative district ORP Ti nov primarily implemented through optimization of personnel capacities with regard to the size of the administrative district, which creates conditions for the establishment of a new management model OSPOD activities with a view to further Related standrad quality criteria.
Educational seminars will increase qualification officers OSPOD Ti nov Municipal Authority in the preparation and application of quality standards and new Insitute of family law and ASLPC, which will have an impact on the quality agenda performed in accordance with current requirements of the Act and regulations.
The target group of the project are ASLPC Moravian Regional Authority (ie the public authority acting in the social integration).
We intend to achieve the realization of logically interrelated seven key activities: to be admitted and technical equipment missing two ASLPC, a team of child protection agencies will participate in 176 hours of education in selected areas set out in Annex 2 to the challenges and gain skills for the implementation of quality standards in practice and for systematic social work, will be created OSPOD Breclav quality standards and methodology of quality standards will be implemented two round tables and two workshops, which will lead to the exchange of experience, professional collaboration and empowerment of child protection agencies.
For additional activities will be implemented method of case management using case conferences and suprevize where they will meet ASLPC, CPR employees and other stakeholders predstavujE[degrees]cE[degrees]c support network for children and families.