ASLQArea of Special Landscape Quality (UK)
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(2012) developed the ASLQ by selecting 1-2 items with the highest factor loadings from the original eight domains on the RSLQ (Houghton & Neck, 2002) and then conducting several studies to establish evidence for reliability and validity.
We examined school counselors' LSE using scores on the LSES (Paglis & Green, 2002), self-leadership using scores on the ASLQ (Houghton, Dawley, et al., 2012), and leadership experiences using 4 items we created as a part of the demographics form.
To explore the relationship between participants' workgroup EI (WEIP-S scores) and their LSE (LSES scores), self-leadership (ASLQ scores), and leadership experience, we facilitated several Pearson correlations (see Table 1) and SMLR analyses (see Table 2).