ASLSAssociation for Scottish Literary Studies
ASLSAdvanced Stroke Life Support
ASLSAcademic and Special Libraries Section (est. 1954; formerly College and University Libraries Section; New York Library Association; Albany, NY)
ASLSAmerican Society of Liposuction Surgery
ASLSAmerican Sign Language Society
ASLSAXA Sun Life Services (UK)
ASLSAdvanced Squadron Level System (US Air Force)
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Travellers based in Europe or indeed, several other parts of the world, may already be familiar with the system, as despite the relatively slow introduction of ASLs in the US - just 16 airports so far - they are in widespread use elsewhere.
According to ASL Print FX: Shoppers never see more than 33% of the brands on the shelf, but 80% of the time, if they pick it up, they will buy.
So, we determined which parts will likely be needed during the first 30 days in combat, and we are building common ASLs for infantry, armor, and Stryker brigades.
Fifteen patients (mean age was 68.7 [+ or -] 8.0 years) who underwent arterial spin labeling (ASL) and diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) were identified as having AIS with ischemic penumbra were enrolled, where ischemic penumbra referred to the mismatch areas of ASL and DWI.
ASL links execute a handoff in the same way as GSL links from a terminal to a polar satellite in the satellite module.
Associated Seafoods Ltd (ASL) multi-million pound investment programme with the integration of its Scottish smoked salmon operation into its modern new processing facility in Buckie, North East Scodand.
The ASLS base also hosts attitude sensors and a GPS receiver to compensate for vehicle movement.
Table 4 Variations in resting flux (RF), rate of ankle swelling (RAS), Analogue Symptomatic Score (ASLS), Clinical Disability Score, Venous Disability Score and transcutaneous partial oxygen pressure p[O.sub.2] The items defined as 'parameters' in the table actually may not have always a normal distribution and were statistically compared with non-parametric tests.
The result is that MDMs are trimming their supplier lists, many of which include hundreds of vendors, and they are prioritizing relationships and establishing or overhauling approved supplier lists (ASLs).
The new methods are being implemented at the Army Recruiting and Training Division's Staff Leadership School (ASLS) in Pirbright, Surrey.
Together with the 6 pre-existing access points of the pipe, ASLs at totally 11 points were initially measured using portable AE equipment (PAC 5110) while the pressure was kept nearly constant at approx.
* To protect against demand data errors created by CRF repair actions being processed incorrectly (without activity code 'C'), CRF SRANs should load maximum ASLs of zero for applicable LRU NSNs.