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ASMDAmerican Society of Medical Doctors (Washington, DC)
ASMDAtmospheric Sciences Modeling Division
ASMDAnterior Segment Mesenchymal Dysgenesis
ASMDAssociation of Science Museum Directors
ASMDAddition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
ASMDAntiship Missile Defense
ASMDApproximate Spectrum Matching Detector
ASMDAssociation of Sewing Machine Distributors
ASMDAircraft Squadron Manning Document
ASMDAir Surface Missile Defense
ASMDAlgorithmic State Machine and Datapath
ASMDAll Squirrels Must Die (gaming clan)
ASMDArea Specific Management Directive
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On HMAS ARUNTA, additional work has been added to the scope that could easily have required another four-month availability, and yet the length of time out of service has changed by only a few weeks from the original plan for the ASMD upgrade.
The first issue the ASMD intends to tackle is health care reform; the organization will fight proposals for a government-run health care plan that will directly threaten the doctor-patient relationship.
ASMD grew from 60 employees at the end of fiscal 1991 to 125 employees on March 31, 1992.
Bonati is Chairman and CEO of the ASMD and is the founder of The Bonati Institute and creator of the patented Bonati Procedure for laser spinal surgery.
Honda's servicing network is now composed of 1,768 service stations which are called AHASS (Astra Honda Authorized Service Station) and ASMD (Astra Service Masuk Desa or Astra Service in Rural Areas).
The poll was conducted on August 7th, 2009, by WRS Opinion Research on behalf of the ASMD.