ASMEAAssociation for the Study of the Middle East and Africa
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With Lewis as its chairman and other big names like Ajami on board, ASMEA hopes to challenge MESA'S hegemony.
Lewis attends ASMEA events ("people call just to make sure that he will be there," says Silverstein.
An alternative to the status quo, ASMEA vigorously defends academic freedom and promotes superior scholarship by providing professors and students with research and teaching resources, opportunities to publish and share their knowledge, and the ability to interact with scholars in an open atmosphere where ideas are judged on their merits.
Nonpartisan and interdisciplinary, ASMEA is quickly becoming a powerful alternative to the Middle Eastern Studies Association, which has come under fire in recent years for corruption and "groupthink" associated with the larger field.
In spring 2008, some 250 scholars, diplomats, military officers, and others attended the inaugural annual ASMEA conference.
This post-modern challenge to the spirit of free inquiry must be resolutely met by the members of ASMEA and by all who believe that Western civilization is worth defending
Media is invited to cover ASMEA's conference in part, or in whole, including an opportunity to cover Professor Lewis's speech.