ASMFCAtlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
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Currendy, while quotas and regulations have been placed on the bait fishery (ASMFC, 2012), the biomedical fishery remains fairly unrestricted; and harvest rates continue to increase in certain areas (ASMFC, 2013), which could have deleterious effects on populations of this valuable marine species.
Development of growth models is necessary for understanding population size and growth potential, information used to properly manage fisheries use, and can be achieved by using length-at-age data; however, length-at-age data for river herring have been used with little validation or standardization of aging techniques between scientists (ASMFC (8)).
look at the ASMFC, an interstate governing body that has the power to
The ASMFC was starting to discover what recreational fisherman and commercial fisherman already knew.
In 2010, the ASMFC estimated that the menhaden population had declined to a record low, and was nearly 90 percent smaller than it had been twenty-five years ago.
That environmental factors are perhaps the strongest influence on menhaden recruitment is recognized by both the ASMFC, which concluded in its 2010 stock assessment that fluctuations in menhaden abundance may be, "almost entirely driven by non-fishery sources."
(15) The Striped Bass Act empowered the ASMFC to implement and enforce its proposed regulations and threatened any noncompliant state with a complete federal moratorium on its striped bass fishery.
(114) Although ASMFC has authority to set quotas for
In 2001, to ensure future compliance, Amendment 1 of ASMFC's FMP for Atlantic menhaden (ASMFC, 2001) specified mandatory reporting of landings by all menhaden bait purse-seine vessels preferably using CDFR forms.
(59) While this is a sign of respect for sovereignty (noted above as a strength in the context of the ASMFC), it also may cause delays and makes adaptive management a challenge.
When the ASMFC began hearings last year on whether to place limits on the menhaden reduction industry, it was swamped with many thousands of messages urging it to restrain Omega's strip mining of the Chesapeake.