ASMMAutomatic Storage Memory Management
ASMMAutomatic Shared Memory Management
ASMMAviation System Monitoring and Modeling (US NASA)
ASMMAustralian Standard Method of Measurement
ASMMAdaptive Security Management Model
ASMMAutomated Shared Memory Management (Oracle version 10g)
ASMMAnti-Smooth Muscle Myosin
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Appendicular skeletal muscle mass (ASMM) was calculated using the bone-free lean mass of the upper and lower limbs as segmented by the standard segmentation protocol of the manufacturer.
Comparable results were determined for ASMM (Table 3), a region of interest where changes of bone-free-LBM can be completely related to changes of muscle mass.
(16) Como el portal europeo esta abierto, es de desear que en un futuro proximo este integrada Italia, pais que ofrece recursos muy interesantes para los investigadores, como SIAS (Sistema degli Archivi di Stato) [en Linea][consulta 10 de marzo de 2010] el SIUSA (Sistema Informativo Unificato per le Soprintendenze Archivistiche) [en linea][consulta 10 de marzo de 2010] o el Archivio StoricoMultimediale del Mediterraneo (ASMM), un proyecto financiado tambien por la Comunidad Europea, en el que participan los archivos de Estado italianos vinculados al mundo mediterraneo.
Amorphous soft magnetic materials (ASMM) are magnetic with a disorder arrangement of the atoms, received as a result of fast training liquid with speed of cooling [10.sup.4] - [10.sup.6][degrees]C/s.
Magnetic properties of ASMM are close to that of the electrical steels and the permalloys.
OBJECTIVE: To determine (1) lean and fat body compartments, reflected by fat-free mass (FFM), appendicular skeletal muscle mass (ASMM), body cell mass (BCM), total body potassium (TBK), fat mass and percentage fat mass, and their differences between age groups in healthy, physically active subjects from 18 to 94 y of age; and (2) if the rate of decrease in any one of the parameters by age might be accelerated compared to others.
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