ASNFAlzheimer Society Niagara Foundation (Canada)
ASNFA Soldier Never Forgets
ASNFApache-Sitgreaves National Forest
ASNFAfghan Special Narcotics Force
ASNFA Son Never Forgets
ASNFArmy Serial Number File (record)
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The deal was signed by 800 Pizza founder and general manager Alessandro D'Ubaldo and Asnf owner Shaikha Aisha Al Thani.
800 Pizza believes that Asnf is the right partner to cooperate with, given the latter's long experience and well-established name in the food and beverage industry.
Directed from higher echelons and supported by the 129th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (our higher headquarters), the company took on a variety of missions supporting ASNF partnership training.
DEA will work closely with the CNPA, NIU, and ASNF in pursuing criminal investigations and disrupting the narcotics trade.
The NIU also works with the Afghan Special Narcotics Force (ASNF), a UK trained and supported paramilitary interdiction unit used to attack large, hard targets.
The NIU and ASNF, in cooperation with the DEA, target drug labs and seize drug stockpiles.