ASNMAgenzia Sviluppo Nord Milano (Italian: North Milan Development Agency; Milan, Italy)
ASNMAmerican Society of Neurophysiological Monitoring
ASNMArchaeological Society of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM)
ASNMAsian School of Nuclear Medicine (Philippines)
ASNMAmerican Society for Nanomedicine (Washington, DC)
ASNMAdvanced Stack Network Management (HP)
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SO, saturacion de oxigeno; QBR, calidad de bosque de ribera; IHF, indice de habitat fluvial; BWMP, Indice Biological Monitoring Working Party y ASNM, altura sobre el nivel del mar.
SO, oxygen saturation; QBR, quality of riverside forest; IHF, river habitat index; BWMP, Biological Monitoring Working Party Index ASNM, elevation above sea level.
Although ASNM is a simple average of strengths of PPIs, Chen et al.
Thus, by substituting the numerator of ASNM, APM is defined by
They conducted some computational experiments, and reported that APM outperforms existing prediction methods such as ASNM and LPNM.