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ASNOMAssociation Amicale Santé Navale et d'outre Mer (French: Naval and Overseas Health Association)
ASNOMAperture Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy
ASNOMApertureless Scanning Nearfield Optical Microscopy
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The commemoration held at the ASNOM Memorial in the Kumanovo village of Pelince was addressed by Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski.
Technical conditions were needed to give birth to Radio Skopje, to transmit the Second ASNOM Assembly, and put the Macedonian language in practice.
At the central celebration in Pelince, at the ASNOM Memorial Center, where the 70th anniversary of ASNOM was marked, the guests were addressed by Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, while President Gjorge Ivanov held a speech at the central event in Skopje, next to the monument to Metodija Andonov-Cento.
Second, with this act, Macedonia has shown a clear distinction in regard to the Serbian Orthodox Church and certain structures that supported it in the past and which denied Macedonian delegations entry to the monastery of Prohor Pcinjski, where ASNOM was held, to commemorate the event.
Zoran Dimitrovski comments for Dnevnik that the Union of Defenders from the National Liberation War sent a message in which it advises the current government that it is not allowed to have the period from the first plenary session of ASNOM to the independence be declared the "new occupation of the Macedonian nation under the communist regime" and it to be placed in a special museum of victims of the communism.
A white marble monument to the first president of the presidium of ASNOM Metodija Andonov Cento was set Monday in the Macedonia square in Skopje outside the Trend cafe.
August 2, Macedonia's Day of the Republic, marking this year the 110th anniversary of the Ilinden Uprising and the 69th anniversary of the First Meeting of ASNOM, was observed with a number of events in Krusevo, Pelince and Skopje.
Prime Minister Gruevski addressed the gathering at the central Skopje square from a dais next the monument to Metodija Andonov Cento, Macedonia's first post-WWII President, the same spot from which Andonov as President of the ASNOM Presidium held his first speech in liberated Macedonia, Dnevnik reports.
At the First Meeting of ASNOM on 2 August 1944, the deputies elected by the people proclaimed their modern state - Democratic Federal Macedonia - as a separate and equal constituent of Democratic Federal Yugoslavia.
108 years from the Krusevo Republic and the first Republic on the Balkans and 67 years from the first assembly of ASNOM and Macedonia as an equal, then-federal country within the frames of Yugoslavia, established 2 August as a double reason to celebrate the foundation of the Macedonian statehood.
With massive rallies at Meckin Kamen in Krusevo and at the ASNOM Memorial Center in the Kumanovo village of Pelince, Macedonia celebrated both historic Ilindens: 109 years of the Ilinden Uprising and 68 years of the First Meeting of ASNOM.
Let us listen to the voice of the National Liberation Struggle (NOB) fighters who in said the manifesto of ASNOM (Anti-Fascist Assembly of the National Liberation of Macedonia) that our obligation is to preserve what our ancestors gave their lives for and mobilize all forces in order to build our country," Gruevski said.