ASO4Atropine Sulfate (medical antidote)
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Therefore, the temperature effect of enhancing ASO4 becomes dominant and the total [PM.sub.2.5] concentrations increase with temperature in summer.
Inmunization of early adolescent Females with human papilomavirus type 16 and 18 L1 virus-like particle vaccine containing ASO4 adjuvant.
Although the GSK vaccine has higher persistent antibody levels (ascribed to its ASO4 adjuvant system) than the MSD vaccine, the clinical relevance of this is unclear.
ASO4 Existen razones para consumir esta marca frente a otras
ATSIC: Well, strictly speaking, I'm an ASO4 and it's not my right to comment on it anyway.
Characteristics of Cervarix and Gardasil prophylactic vaccines Cervarix Gardasil Genotypes included (5) 16, 18 16, 18, 6, 11 Vaccination schedule (5) 0, 1 and 6 0, 2 and 6 months months Administration (5) 0.5 ml dose IM 0.5 ml dose IM Adjuvant (6) ASO4 which Aluminium includes 3-O desacyl- hydroxy- 4'monophosphoryl phosphate lipid A and sulphate aluminium salt Duration of proven efficacy (3) Proven efficacy Proven studied up to efficacy studied 4.5 years up to 5 years Registration in South Africa (2) Since March 2008 Since March 2008 Availability in South Africa Private sector Available Available Government sector Not available Not available Cost per vaccine (wholesale) R550.96 R770.00 (7) - R877.80
The vaccine utilizes an adjuvant known as "ASO4" that contains aluminum hydroxide, hydrated (AI[(OH).sub.3]) and 50 lag of 3-O-desacyl-4'-monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL), a potent inducer of the immune system.
Aluminyum tuzlari ile birlestirilerek ASO4 olarak tanimlanan bu adjuvan hepatit B asisinda (Fendrix[TM], GSK Biologics) kullanilmaktadir (35).
The vaccine consists of purified L1 VLPs of HPV types 16/18 formulated on an ASO4 adjuvant comprising 500[MU]g of aluminium hydroxide and 50[MU]g of 3-dacylated monophosphoryl Lipid A.
It has a proprietary adjuvant ASO4 comprising of 500 [micro]g of aluminium hydroxide and 50 [micro]g of 3-deacylated monophosphoryl lipid A which induced a stronger and sustained immune response (18).
Commercially available HPV vaccines Vaccine Gardasil Cervarix HPV types 6, 11, 16, 18 16, 18 Dosing schedule 0, 2, 6 months 0, 1, 6 months Adjuvant AAHS (amorphous ASO4 (aluminum aluminum hydroxide + MPL) hydroxyphosphate sulfate) VLP preparation Yeast Insect cell system Efficacy against disease caused by HPV types in the vaccine 100% (11) 98.1% (8)
Abivalent vaccine (Cervarix[R], GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, Rixensart, Belgium) that contains purified L1 VLPs of HPV types 16/18 at 20/20 [micro]g per dose formulated on an ASO4 adjuvant comprising 500[micro]g of aluminium hydroxide and 50 [micro]g of 3-deacylated monophosphoryl lipid A.