ASOCCAssociated Students of Orange Coast College (Costa Mesa, CA)
ASOCCArea Security Operations Command and Control System
ASOCCAnnual Symposium on Cardiovascular Care (Cath Lab Digest)
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We have the technology so why not wire them together with ASOCC."
ASOCC has been and continues to be used extensively for real-world application as well as drills.
Also in 2003, the use of ASOCC for Hurricane Isabel demonstrated the ability to use ASOCC across the United States.
The Purple Cadre, a focus group that uses ASOCC for crisis management and stages disaster response drills, scheduled a planned drill in Louisiana in 2004.
During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Navy Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officers used ASOCC to coordinate with other agencies when all other traditional forms of communication were unavailable due to storm damage.
In September 2007, ASOCC was incorporated into the C4I capabilities used during Operation Solid Curtain.
"With ASOCC, all you need is a browser and Internet connection.