ASOCSAustrian Society for Cognitive Science (University of Vienna; Austria)
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At the heart of Avnera's system solutions are market-specific ASoCs that combine breakthrough audio/voice analog circuits, highly efficient power management and custom hardware accelerators for smart acoustic signal processing/AI features.
Radisys and ASOCS virtual base station solution delivers a C-RAN ready platform that can accelerate mobile operators' cloud deployments and fully realize the benefits of virtualized network functions.
Prior to 1965, ASOCs were aligned with each Field Army headquarters, but over time close air support coordination and control problems became apparent.
The service then increased manpower in the ASOCs, tailoring the Air Force specialty codes assigned to each unit based on the supported mission.
ASOCS has developed a breakthrough architecture that enables the functions of a base station to run on virtual machines that leverage commercial-off-the-shelf servers with a hardware accelerator implemented on the eASIC Nextreme-3 platform.
Bill Chang, SingTel's CEO of group enterprise and country chief officer for Singapore, who was in Washington, U.S., to launch the partnership with David DeWalt, FireEye'sboard chairman and CEO, said, over a period of five years, both the companies will co-invest up to US$50 million towards funding the infrastructure and manpower for two new Advanced Security Operation Centres (ASOCs).
Trustwave's global cyber business now has about 2,000 security employees, a global network of ten connected Advanced Security Operations Centers (ASOCs) supported by its elite Trustwave SpiderLabs security team, millions of businesses enrolled in its cloud-based security platform, more than 10,000 managed security services customers, and nearly 1,000 channel partners and numerous technology partners worldwide.
Radisys Corporation and ASOCS, Ltd, have collaborated to provide mobile operators with an NFV compatible virtual base station for their localized Cloud RAN (C-RAN) deployments.
ASOCS Ltd has collaborated with Wind River to allow fast rollout of virtual Base Stations for communications service providers.
Tactical air control parties (TACP) and ASOCs would be given appropriate systems, capabilities, and training to facilitate DA operations.
ASOCS Ltd., a pioneer in Radio Access Network (RAN) virtualization, has joined the Cisco-led Open vRAN ecosystem aiming to accelerate the viability and adoption of Open vRAN solutions, the company said.
ASOCS Ltd, a Silicon IP provider of Software Defined Radio solutions and CMRI, Research Institute of CMCC Ltd., the world s largest Mobile Operator, announced today the signing of a strategic memorandum of understanding for the joint development, commercialization, testing and deployment of large scale baseband processing units for China Mobile's next generation Cloud-RAN network.