ASOIAFA Song of Ice and Fire (Fantasy Series by George R.R. Martin)
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Around 82% of the English-speaking adult fans are male and around 90% are under the age of 44 (The ASOIAF Crypts, 2017).
GoT-OAP held its distinction over its competitors by promoting the page's reputation as the oldest and largest page of GoT Arab fans and by communicating with the Arabic translator of the ASOIAF novels, who became a friend of the page.
Samer's testimony illustrates the longing of GoT-OAP's engaged audience to belong to the global active audience of QT by choosing an English name for the page, recruiting a talented team of fans to increase their professionalism, and connecting with the Arabic translator of ASOIAF novels.
(6) It seems that most of the administrators watch GoT in English, and they coordinate with other fans, including the Arabic translator of the ASOIAF novels, to translate some of GoT materials to the larger audience of their page.