ASORAAlaska Sex Offender Registration Act
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On the other hand, the Court acknowledged that the ASORA served a deterrent purpose.
State, (382) the court of appeals held that the Alaska Sex Offender Registration Act ("ASORA") requires all sex offenders physically present in the state, even those who had been released from probation before the effective date of the ASORA, to register, and any person who fails to comply with this requirement is subject to criminal penalty under A.S.
SUNDERLAND: Camp 6, Browning 5, O'Shea 5, Clarke-Salter 5, Jones 7, Honeyman 7 (McGeady 71, 8), Cattermole 8, Ejaria 6 (Robson 81), Oviedo 5 (Lualua 59, 7), Asora 7, Fletcher 6
As with the Sexually Violent Predator Act in Hendricks, the Supreme Court's conclusion that the ASORA did not have a retributive purpose is open to question.
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