ASORTAllied Special Operations Response Team
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Task 1 - gynecological ultrasound device-1 item asort. in the amount of 1 item; task 2 - central perinatal surveillance system - ktg apparatus 7 pos.
Task 1 - mo generator - tc 1 item asort. 48 items; zad.
1 - root vegetables - 6 items asort. In different amounts; zad.
1 - office supplies - 110 items asort. In different amounts; zad.
1 - a system of plates with limited bone contact, intramedullary nails, biomaterials - 60 items asort. in different amounts;
1 - capecitabinum - item 2 asort. In different amounts; task 2 - cytostatic drugs - item 12 asort.
Przedmiot zamwienia obejmuje 6 pakietw szczeglowo okreslonych w Formularzu cenowym, bedacym zalacznikiem nr 2 do SIWZ: Pakiet 1 rekawice sterylne zawiera 2 pozycje asort. Pakiet 2 paski do glukometru zawiera 1 pozycje asort.
asort. in different amounts;- Bone cement and cementing system - 5 item.
Described as a modern day Watchmen, Age of Doom picks up the story immediately where the initial run ended, with the new Black Hammer trapped in a world full of punk rock detectives, emo gods, anthropomorphic humans, and other asorted weirdos.
Such a novel twist to the title would guarantee massive shirt sales among asorted odd-balls all over Asia, indeed all over the world.