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ASOTA State of Trance (radio show)
ASOTA Series of Tubes
ASOTAmerican Society of Ocular Trauma (eyes)
ASOTAssociate of Science Oregon Transfer
ASOTAntistreptolysin O Titer (blood test for antibodies to the streptococcus A bacteria)
ASOTAdvanced Special Operations Techniques (US Army)
ASOTAuerbach School of Occupational Therapy (Louisville, KY)
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Information including clinical presentation, ASOT titre, medication attempted, follow-up time, and overall outcome was recorded from the details provided in each case report.
GGS was identified in a throat culture, and serial change in ASOT level suggests she was infected with GGS before exacerbation of her involuntary movements, which were probably caused by a postinfectious immune-mediated process.
The Hebrew term [phrase omitted] (asot) appears in both verses 2:3 and 2:4.
Elevated ASOT was present in 12 children (75.0%) with ARF, while there was a history of sore throat within the preceding 4 weeks in 9 (56.3%).
Entry into FMFA 2013 presents ASOT 600: The Expedition World Tour and FMFA 2013
Okuler travma hastalarinda Amerikan Okuler Travma Toplulugu (ASOT) tarafindan Amerika Birlesik Devletleri Goz Travma Kurulu'nca kullanilan verilere dayanilarak gelistirilen okuler travma skoru(OTS) nun hesaplanmasi, travma hastalarinda takip eden alti aylik periyotta travmaya ugramis olan gozun gorme keskinligini tahmin etmemize olanak saglamaktadir.
In example (11) the adjectival predicate asot agrees in number but not in person with the subject of the first person plural.
By PETER O'HEHIR AGE OF AQUARIUS represents Aidan O'Brien's best chance of breaking his Royal Asot 2010 duck in today's Ascot Gold Cup.
tom-taluu, suko meewa ga lac-chaal chos hotalei saawo maza udoor thooja chawaa tonee asot kanaao thaa to bes kon dee beetes?
THINGS couldn't really get much better for Armin van Buuren, as the past 11 months have seen him celebrate over 400 episodes of his global radio show A State Of Trance, while his annual ASOT mix CD was launched to worldwide acclaim.
A repeat full blood count (FBC), HIV screen, thyroid screen, RPR, caeruloplasmin and antistreptolysin O titre (ASOT) were done.