ASPALAerated Sludge Process Air Liquide (Germany)
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'Travelling the Aspal Route; Grey Labour Migration Through an Indonesian Border Town', in: Edward Aspinall and Gerry van Klinken (eds), The State and Illegality in Indonesia, pp.
La activa intervencion del ministro de la Presidencia en la conformacion del bloque contrario a la reeleccion apoyaba esta suposicion; la prensa, las actas de la Asamblea Legislativa y los testimonios aportan indicios concluyentes de un intenso trabajo de negociacion, persuasion, presion (colindante con el acoso, segun una diputada), coordinado desde la Casa Presidencial (ASPAL nro.
(33) Michele Ford and Lenore Lyons, "Travelling the Aspal Route: Grey Labour Migration through an Indonesian Border Town", in The State and Illegality in Indonesia, edited by E.
At first glance, the prevalence of the trope of aspal in Kepri's public discourse, coupled with widespread and everyday allusions to deep-seated corruption, collusion and nepotism would seem to support an image of the province's public as profoundly cynical and habituated to encountering falsity on a daily basis.
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The drama happened when John was making bales of hay on his 10-acre small holding at Stonham Aspal, Suffolk.
Tenders are invited for Estimate for clearing weed,jala,booti and sarkanda from aspal drain rd 77360-140900 and sherewala drain rd 0-17480.
Tenders are invited for Clearing weed, jala, etc from aspal drain 20500-140900 bam drain 0-68500 sherewala link drain 0-16100 ratta tibba field drain 722-3000 control of aquatic weed narha using herbicide glyphosate in these drains inc works left out by govt mach
John was making bales of hay for cattle on his 10-acre smallholding at Stonham Aspal, Suffolk, when he stumbled, trapping his hand in the baler.
Tenders are invited for Puseur komunitas ti kotana Pancyt kantor Pkvkdik Pikeun Nirmr of Donio na Syed lagu jalan aspal.
Drains Aspal Drain RD 20500-140900, Bam Drain RD 0-68500, Sherewala Link Drain RD 0-16100, Sarawan Toe Drain RD 0-65300, Karniwala Link Drain RD 0-6000, SothaBhunder Link Drain RD 0-21000, Gilzewala Link Drain RD 0-17980 and RattaTibba Field Drain RD 722-3000 including cleaning below pacca structures and works left out by departmental machinery .