ASPBAEAsian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education
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Citing this resolution, Rene Raya of ASPBAE, reiterated to Committee members that 'commercialization is not just about profits.
ASPBAE and PEAN (2012) 'PNG Education Experience Survey and Literacy Assessment: A Report on 5 Provinces' (New Ireland, NCD, Chimbu, Sandaun & Gulf Provinces), ASPBAE Australia Ltd and PNG Education Advocacy Network (PEAN), online:
Later he was the prime mover in establishing the Asian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE) and was, until his most untimely death in 1967, its General Secretary.
* proposing that the name of the organisation should be the Asian and South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE).
The founding meeting was reconvened on 1 February 1964 and adopted the recommendations prepared by the interim executive committee, and the 33 foundation members of ASPBAE were enrolled.
Shiva Dutta of India was the first President and Arnold Hely was the first Secretary of ASPBAE. Hely was assisted in carrying out his role in maintaining the ASPBAE secretariat by Dulcie Stretton, another significant adult educator of the time who played leading roles in the CAE, the AAAE and international adult education.
From 1978 the IIZ/DVV provided support for the work of ASPBAE, largely by means of the medium-term commitment of core funding.
In 1976, ASPBAE had been represented at the first ICAE (International Council of Adult Education) World Assembly in Dar es Salaam.
In 2004, ASPBAE celebrated its fortieth birthday with a revised/ updated constitution, a general assembly conducted electronically, and a festival of learning held in Indonesia.
The Education Watch initiative is being implemented in the Solomon Islands by the Coalition on Education Solomon Islands (COESI) in partnership with Asian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE).
The 40th Anniversary Celebrations of the Asian-South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE) is an opportune moment to document the journey it has travelled over the last forty years.