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ASPDAttack Speed (gaming slang)
ASPDAnti-Social Personality Disorder
ASPDAltamonte Springs Police Department (Altamonte, FL, USA)
ASPDAssociation of Specialist Providers to Dentists (UK)
ASPDAssistant State Public Defender
ASPDAir Speef (flight planning)
ASPDAEGIS Ship Program Directive
ASPDAttention-Seeking Personality Disorder
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The SCID-II was used to ascertain that all participants met criteria for ASPD (i.e., childhood conduct disorder by age 15 and ASPD in adulthood).
Inclusion criteria were: (a) cross-sectional surveys published in English or Chinese; (b) study participants were Chinese individuals with heroin addiction in whom heroin was the primary drug of abuse; and (c) the lifetime diagnosis of ASPD was made using standardized criteria such as those specified in the 4th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association^9 (DSM-IV), the 10th edition of the International Classification of Diseases [20] (ICD-10), or the 3rd edition of the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders [21] (CCMD-3).
The prevalence of ASPD has been documented as 1.7 percent of general population with preponderance among men but the figures are hardly indicative as such people reach the prison more commonly then the psychiatric OPD.
(14) Sanuto 30: 55, 69, 76-77; ASPd, Estimo 1518, busta 126, fol.
Lack of remorse has been described as one of the central symptoms that clinicians and researchers need to be aware of when looking for psychopathy, another type of PD close and generally confused with ASPD and antisocial behavior (Cooke and Michie, 2001).
Comparison with MINI-Plus diagnoses of ADHD and ASPD. The mean Global Continuum of Risk score did not differ between those diagnosed with ADHD (60.2 [+ or -] 55.3 (n=5) and those who were not ((43.9 [+ or -] 33.6 (n=145), P=0.29)).
Other studies, however, have suggested that ASPD might interact with ALDH2*2 to influence alcohol dependence.
Another expert witness, Dr Rajan Nathan, said he assessed Wilcocks in 2011 and believed him to be suffering from both BPD and ASPD at the time of Kelsey's death.
The purpose of this article is to present treatment guidelines for mental health counselors who work with clients diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) or characterized as psychopathic.
Given that the idle listening is a main source of energy loss [12], the use of ASPD allows improving significantly the energy efficiency of EDCA [7].