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ASPEAssistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (US Department of Health and Human Services)
ASPEAmerican Society of Plumbing Engineers
ASPEAmerican Society for Precision Engineering
ASPEAssociation of Standardized Patient Educators
ASPEAvionics Systems Project Engineer
ASPEAmerican Society of Professional Estimators, Inc.
ASPEAccounting Standards for Private Entities (Canada)
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States with benefit mandates similar to those required in the [Affordable Care Act] in effect before 2014 had smaller premium increases between 2013 and 2017," the ASPE noted.
To protect confidentiality, ASPE suppressed data for ZIPs that had less than 50 plan selections.
Despues de este encuentro, no en presencia de Aspe, Mario Gongora me dijo que ellos querian seleccionar solo a CVG", afirmo Haan ante el juez, y anadio que Gongora le hizo otra propuesta para que simulara asesorar a McKinsey y Bain con errores claros para descalificarlos.
Many new drug products confer enormous clinical benefits to patients, but the cost associated with some of these therapies may place a financial strain on patients who might face high out-of-pocket costs even if they are insured," says ASPE.
Level 1 has a ticklish kick of spice sliding down your throat and can be eaten by children, Aspe said.
gov, for example, managers had gender information for all enrollees and were missing age information for just 53 when ASPE pulled the data.
Aspe said the drivers must issue receipts for cash transactions.
If you don't know what any of these items are, then you will likely be more comfortable with ASPE.
com)-- Don Martin, president of sensor manufacturer Lion Precision, received the Distinguished Service Award from ASPE (American Society for Precision Engineering) at their annual meeting in Atlanta, Ga.
2)The kit comes with a bead mix consisting of 86 different beads that each have their own fluorescent signature and an oligonucleotide "tag" for specific ASPE hybridization of product.
Internal H-bonding in the ASPE affected its reaction with an aliphatic isocyanate (NCO) due to varying reactivities of the primary hydroxyl (OH) compared to the secondary amine (NH).
Caminando por los pasillos donde se concentraban las selecciones de Honduras y Panama que asistieron a la Copa Oro en Houston, Alberto Garcia Aspe se confundia como un jugador mas.