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ASPEAssistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (US Department of Health and Human Services)
ASPEAmerican Society of Plumbing Engineers
ASPEAmerican Society for Precision Engineering
ASPEAssociation of Standardized Patient Educators
ASPEAvionics Systems Project Engineer
ASPEAmerican Society of Professional Estimators, Inc.
ASPEAccounting Standards for Private Entities (Canada)
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"In particular, 2008 to 2012 was a period of unusually slow growth in drug spending, about 2% per year," notes ASPE.
Level 1 has a ticklish kick of spice sliding down your throat and can be eaten by children, Aspe said.
The ASPE report includes indications of possible enrollee tracking problems at some of the state-based exchanges.
While ASPE is mainly derived from existing Canadian Generally Accepted
After this, the ASPE products are hybridized to the bead mixture and are then filtered in order to remove any free biotin-labeled dCTP and any unhybridized primers.
Monomeric aspartate esters (ASPE) were found to have the greatest difference in chemical shift, while the in-chain H-bonded protons of the PASPE were observed to have the least difference in chemical environments.
The document, with the cumbersome heading "Continental Prosperity in the New Security Environment, Rapporteur Notes--2nd Meeting of the North American Forum," lists bullet points for remarks in which Pedro Aspe, a co-chair of the event and former Mexican finance minister, identified certain key issues that needed to be addressed.
To overcome these limitations, we sought to develop an assay to simultaneously detect all 7 single-nucleotide variations in the NAT2 gene by use of allele-specific primer extension (ASPE) in a single tube with 7 pairs of tag-labeled allele-specific primers on the Luminex[R] 100[TM] IS System.
Former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister John Manley, former Mexican Finance Secretary Pedro Aspe and former Massachusetts Governor William Weld chair a task force examining North America's future.
He writes with ease and with his book explains an important aspe ct of Queen Victoria's life during the last two decades of the nineteenth century.