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ASPECTAlliance for Social, Political, Ethical and Cultural Thought (Virginia Tech)
ASPECTAirborne Spectral Photometric Collection Technology
ASPECTAckerman-Schoendorf Scales of Parent Evaluation of Custody (custody evaluation scales)
ASPECTAcoustic Short-Pulse Echo Classification Technique
ASPECTActive System Performance Estimate Computation Tool (predicts performance of active sonar sensors)
ASPECTAnti-Submarine Spectrum Analyzer
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Pearl still pointed with her forefinger, and a frown gathered on her brow -- the more impressive from the childish, the almost baby-like aspect of the features that conveyed it.
The waiter who brought me my cup of coffee bore, by comparison with my utter isolation, the dear aspect of an intimate friend.
Not only their formation, but their situation and aspect remind one of the terrestrial oceans; but again, as on earth, these seas occupy the greater portion of the globe.
That is to say, the table which is neutral as between different observers (actual and possible) is the set of all those particulars which would naturally be called "aspects" of the table from different points of view.
Realism, in the broad sense, means simply the presentation of the actual, depicting life as one sees it, objectively, without such selection as aims deliberately to emphasize some particular aspects, such as the pleasant or attractive ones.
From this aspect of the government it appears to be of a mixed character, presenting at least as many FEDERAL as NATIONAL features.
The eldest wore the white tie, high waistcoat, and thin-brimmed hat of the regulation curate; the second was the normal undergraduate; the appearance of the third and youngest would hardly have been sufficient to characterize him; there was an uncribbed, uncabined aspect in his eyes and attire, implying that he had hardly as yet found the entrance to his professional groove.
And thus Van Baerle was to have the most admirably fitted aspect, and, besides, a large, airy, and well ventilated chamber where to preserve his bulbs and seedlings; while he, Boxtel, had been obliged to give up for this purpose his bedroom, and, lest his sleeping in the same apartment might injure his bulbs and seedlings, had taken up his abode in a miserable garret.
Under our excellent system of compulsory education he had learned to read and write, notwithstanding the unfavourable aspect of the lower lip.
It was curious, but not so pleasant, to turn from the beauty and grace of the girl, to the stooping figure, care-worn face, and jaded aspect of the old man.
The staff, though it was but a plain oaken stick, immediately took the aspect of a gold-headed cane.
The face is an object of curiosity for years or centuries, and by and by a boy is born whose features gradually assume the aspect of that portrait.