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ASPERAssistant Secretary for Personnel Administration
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asper and Crotalus basiliscus obtained from specimens collected in Mexico and kept at the serpentarium of BIRMEX.
Bothrops asper reaches range-wide distributional limits in Tamaulipas.
During the meal, Asper noticed a man at a nearby table clutching at his throat, obviously choking, while his son tried to dislodge the offending morsel from his airway.
What Asper has been able to do is create a vaccine prototype to protect cattle against a number of non-O157 STEC bacteria that are responsible for human outbreaks of disease around the world.
The Harper-in-a-helicopter scene from Marc Edge's book, Asper Nation: Canada's Most Dangerous Media Company, is metaphor for CanWest Global's complex identity as until recently a very successful corporation, while at the same time a vehicle for the Asper family's neo-liberal campaigns against the welfare state and the centre-left Canadian consensus.
Once Asper removes her blinders, she might try to explain how there can be a viable second state, an undivided Palestine.
Yes, even a careful reviewer may inadvertently start to insert himself into the literary scenery, remembering a cold rural Manitoba morning several decades ago when he first met Izzy Asper.
Asper was also embroiled in a number of lawsuits over the years, including ones against former business partners and an ongoing one against film producer Robert Lantos.
The above was written prior to the Asper family's dismissal of Ottawa Citizen publisher Russell Mills.
On January 5, journalist Stephen Kimber stopped writing a column for the Halifax Daily News because of editorial interference from the paper's owners, Can West Global Communications of Winnipeg, in other words the Asper family.
Boss Alex Ferguson has been checking Mattias Asper, AIK Stockholm's 6ft 5in keeper.