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ASPERAssistant Secretary for Personnel Administration
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asper and Crotalus basiliscus obtained from specimens collected in Mexico and kept at the serpentarium of BIRMEX.
Bothrops asper occurs in a relatively limited area of south-central Tamaulipas, where it is generally associated with humid, mid-low elevations on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Madre Oriental and adjacent lowlands (Fig.
"It is extremely clever," Asper said of the device that is about eight feet tall with an antenna.
And yet, Asper says, "it kind of ticks me off" that the school would sell it.
What Asper has been able to do is create a vaccine prototype to protect cattle against a number of non-O157 STEC bacteria that are responsible for human outbreaks of disease around the world.
The Harper-in-a-helicopter scene from Marc Edge's book, Asper Nation: Canada's Most Dangerous Media Company, is metaphor for CanWest Global's complex identity as until recently a very successful corporation, while at the same time a vehicle for the Asper family's neo-liberal campaigns against the welfare state and the centre-left Canadian consensus.
(2005) suggested that Bothrops asper is dominant over smaller and ecologically less versatile pit vipers, often displacing them by means of competitive exclusion.
Perhaps if Asper removed her blinders she would see that the inability of women and others to get necessary medical care, the inability of young people to go to school and the inability of those who sell olive oil to earn their living make the separation wall more than a minor inconvenience.
Izzy: The Passionate Life and Turbulent Times of Izzy Asper, Canada's Media
10 after months of speculation, this is make or break for CanWest, a family-controlled media company helmed by Leonard Asper, son of founder Izzy Asper, who died in 2003.
The Edmonton Journal of June 6, 2006, another Asper newspaper, had this to say on the subject of re-opening the same-sex marriage debate: