ASPERAAnalyser of Space Plasmas and Energetic Atoms
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The medial and lateral borders are rounded, whereas the posterior border forms a rough crest which is known as linea aspera.1 Most of the shaft of femur is smooth and rounded and provides origin to extensors of knee except posteriorly where linea aspera provides aponeurotic attachment for the adductors of the thigh.
In this study 55.2% of the nutrient foramina were observed on linea aspera and its lips, 22.4% on medial surface.
Eleven fresh plants including Achyranthes aspera,Haloxylon recurvum,Haloxylon salicornicum, Oxystelma esculentum,Octhocloa compressa,Neurada procumbens, Panicum antidotale, Salsola baryosma, Suaeda fruticosa, Sporobolus icolados and Solanum surattense were collected from herbarium and surroundings of Cholistan Institute of Desert Studies, Baghdad ul Jadeed Campus, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.
I would like to say thanks to Aspera FC, sir Ferdie Abdilla for giving me the opportunity to show my skills, my promoter Rizwan Ali and everyone who supported me.
Aspera said the 18 new officers will fill up vacancies in the technical service positions for legal officer, priest and pastor of the PNP's Chaplain Service and Legal Service.
IBM Aspera is a suite of high-speed digital content delivery solutions that BBC, CNN, Netflix, and others are using to gain competitive advantage.
'Because right now, we're having a hard time in recruitment process so with this impending increase in our salary, this will encourage our civilian to join the uniformed service,' Aspera said
Lahore, Pakistan, July 16, 2017 --( Systems Limited, a global technology company and BPO service provider, recently announced a leap forward into Aspera, a leading media file transfer solution suite.
One of the anticancer drugs derived from plants that warrant anticancer properties is Achyranthes aspera Linn.
Sangu (Turbinella rapa, Conch shell), Salt precipitated from the filtered solution in which ash of whole plant Achyranthes aspera (Naayuruvi samoolam) is a solute and in the same way herbal salt prepared from capsules of Sesamum indicum fruit (Ellukai Thol) are used as ingredients of which are homogenously mixed with sesame oil as a liquid vehicle to be applied externally.
While there should be little doubts that the cloud offers many benefits, it cannot be overlooked how moving large content files to the cloud can introduce delays that are simply "not acceptable" for broadcast workflows, cautions Francois Quereuil, senior director of worldwide marketing at Aspera.