ASPGArmy Strategic Planning Guidance
ASPGAdvanced Software Products Group, Inc.
ASPGApplication Specific Product Group (business segment)
ASPGAdvanced Speech Products Group (American Telephone & Telegraph)
ASPGAzerbaijan Society of Petroleum Geologists
ASPGAutomated Data Processing Standards Policy Group
ASPGAmerican Society for the Prevention of Gout (satire)
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Substituting (18) into (16) and simplifying them together with (13), we get the search direction of ASPG:
Following nonmonotone line search, ASPG adopts Nesterov's [15] technique to improve the performance of classical SPG.
Algorithm 4 (accelerated spectral projected gradient (ASPG)).
Convergence Analysis of ASPG. Since our method can be seen as an accelerated version of classical SPG in the dual space, its convergence can be deduced from Theorem 3.
The ASPG for TVID is well defined, and any accumulation point of the sequence {[P.sub.k]} is a constrained stationary point of (17); furthermore, the output [u.sup.*] of ASPG is a stationary point of TVID problem (1).
By (13), [u.sup.*] generated by ASPG is a stationary point of (1) if and only if P is a stationary of (17).
Substituting it into (16), we get the search direction of ASPG that is (19).
Step 3 in ASPG is an additional step besides the classical SPG.
In this section, the proposed ASPG algorithm (ASPG -Proposed) is employed to solve the TVID problem, followed by the comparison with some state-of-the-art algorithms: the classical projected gradient given by Chambolle (PG_Chambolle) [9], Birgin's spectral projected gradient [13, 14] (SPG_Birgin), and the fast gradient projection by Beck and Teboulle [10] (FPG_Beck).
Throughout the experiments, the parameters involved in SPG and ASPG are set as follows: [[alpha].sub.min] = [10.sup.-30], [[alpha].sub.max] = [10.sup.30], [[sigma].sub.1] = 0.1, [[sigma].sub.2] = 0.9, [gamma] = [10.sup.-4], and M = 3.
Similar to FPG_Beck improving PG_Chambolle by Nesterov's strategy, the proposed ASPG improves the classical SPG_Birgin.
The format of the new ASPG makes it easier for the reader to understand the Army's strategic objectives and how the Army plans to achieve them.