ASPGArmy Strategic Planning Guidance
ASPGAdvanced Software Products Group, Inc.
ASPGAdvanced Speech Products Group (American Telephone & Telegraph)
ASPGAzerbaijan Society of Petroleum Geologists
ASPGAutomated Data Processing Standards Policy Group
ASPGAmerican Society for the Prevention of Gout (satire)
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Now, we summarize the convergence of ASPG in the following theorem.
The ASPG for TVID is well defined, and any accumulation point of the sequence {[P.
generated by ASPG is a stationary point of (1) if and only if P is a stationary of (17).
Substituting it into (16), we get the search direction of ASPG that is (19).
Step 3 in ASPG is an additional step besides the classical SPG.
In this section, the proposed ASPG algorithm (ASPG -Proposed) is employed to solve the TVID problem, followed by the comparison with some state-of-the-art algorithms: the classical projected gradient given by Chambolle (PG_Chambolle) [9], Birgin's spectral projected gradient [13, 14] (SPG_Birgin), and the fast gradient projection by Beck and Teboulle [10] (FPG_Beck).
Throughout the experiments, the parameters involved in SPG and ASPG are set as follows: [[alpha].
Similar to FPG_Beck improving PG_Chambolle by Nesterov's strategy, the proposed ASPG improves the classical SPG_Birgin.
The format of the new ASPG makes it easier for the reader to understand the Army's strategic objectives and how the Army plans to achieve them.